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Why Contracting is On the Rise (And How You Can Benefit)


The rise in independent contracting has recently been referred to as the 1099 Economy. More people than ever seem to be seeking self-employment.

It’s no surprise that after the Financial Crisis of 2008, people have learned how to get creative when looking for – and in some cases creating – work in Corporate America. The crazy high unemployment numbers left a lot of families scrambling to figure out how to bring in work to make ends meet and put food on the table. Continue reading

7 Marketing Sins That Could Damage Your Business

SinfulMarketingI’m an Atheist; however, there’s always been something fascinating about the idea of “sins.” That an action could be so reprehensible — so regrettably offensive — that a whole new word had to be created just to describe it.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, there are certain actions in the professional world that can only be categorized as “sins.” These actions can be deadly to your business and leave your customers with a lack of faith in you, and your services.

When it comes to marketing, avoid these seven sins: Continue reading

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